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Christmas Cards: Each card features a story from the storytelling program STORIES FROM A CHRISTMAS PAST including "Cleveland's Thanksgiving Santa Claus", “School Bells on Christmas Day,” “The Kenyon Carolers,” or “A Great Lakes Christmas Delivery -- the story of the Christmas tree ship, the Rouse Simmons.” Read An Excerpt.

Christmas Cards $1.99@ (includes sales tax, shipping and handling)

"School Bells On Christmas Day" by Shelley Pearsall and Bette Lou Higgins

"The Kenyon Carolers" by Bette Lou Higgins (based on a story by William Goldhurst)

"A Great Lakes Christmas Delivery -- the story of the Rouse Simmons" by Bette Lou Higgins and Shelley Pearsall

"The New Year's Dinner: A Holiday Story" by Bette Lou Higgins


"Cleveland's Thanksgiving Santa Claus" by Bette Lou Higgins

STORIES FROM A CHRISTMAS PAST: celebrate Cleveland’s first Christmas tree, read about the Christmas Thief, and other tales from past holidays. Read An Excerpt. (For more information on this book, click here)


Available in PDF format delivered right to your e-mail box for only $3.99!

Also available foryour Kindle!


Stories From A Christmas Past

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