La Cenerentola


by: Gioacchino Rossini


Bound by his father's will to marry soon, Prince Ramiro hopes to marry for love. Alidoro, a philosopher in the service of the Prince, comes to Don Magnifico's castle disguised as a beggar to investigate the daughters of the house as possible choices to become the Prince's bride. Cinderella receives him warmly, but her two snobbish stepsisters, Clorinda and Tisbe, chase him away. The Prince comes to investigate for himself, changing places with his valet, Dandini, and falls in love with the kitchen maid. However, as in the fairy story, it is only the two stepsisters who are officially allowed to attend his ball. Alidoro sends Cinderella to the party, where she spurns Dandini, masquerading as the prince, and confesses that she loves his servant. She gives one of twin bracelets to the disguised prince, who claims her the following day by recognizing it, although she is once more dressed in her rags. Crowned the new princess, Cinderella, out of the goodness of her heart, forgives her unkind stepfather and stepsisters.