Don Giovanni Synopsis

Act I: Leporello, servant to Don Giovanni, tells of the difficulties he must endure as the servant to the immoral nobleman. Donna Anna appears, struggling with Don Giovanni. Her father, the Commander, hears her cries and appears on the scene. A sword fight ensues, Giovanni kills the Commander and escapes with Leporello. Donna Anna, who has left to get help, returns with her fiancé, Ottavio, to find her father murdered.

Donna Elvira appears searching for Don Giovanni, who has abandoned her. Leporello tries to discourage her by listing his master's numerous conquests. Masetto and Zerlina enter singing and dancing in anticipation of their approaching wedding. Giovanni is instantly attracted to Zerlina and orders Leporello to entertain Masetto so the Don may privately invite Zerlina to his home. Donna Elvira interrupts and takes Zerlina away. Donna Anna recognizes Giovanni as the man who attacked her and orders Ottavio to take revenge.

Elvira, Anna, and Ottavio plot against Giovanni and plan to trap him at a ball that evening. During the ball, Giovanni lures Zerlina into a private room. She screams in protest. Elvira, Anna, and Ottavio confront Giovanni, but he escapes once again.

Act II: Giovanni convinces Leporello to "run interference" for him. Disguised as Giovanni, Leporello lures Elvira from her house leaving Giovanni free to woo Elvira's beautiful maid. Giovanni (dressed as Leporello) manages to disband the posse organized by Masetto and wounds Masetto in the process. Anna, Ottavio, Zerlina, and Masetto come upon Elvira and Leporello. Leporello takes off his disguise and flees from the garden. Ottavio surmises that Giovanni killed the Commander. Elvira admits she still loves Giovanni despite everything. Anna affirms her love for Ottavio, but confesses she cannot give herself to him until her father's death is avenged.

While hiding in the cemetery, Leporello and Giovanni discover the Commander's tomb and jokingly ask his statue to dinner. To their surprise, the statue accepts. Later that evening, the statue arrives and summons Giovanni to hell, leaving the others to reflect on the result of Giovanni's immorality.

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