The Barber Of Seville

by: Giocchino Rossini



Act I -- Count Almaviva has fallen in love with Rosina, the ward of Dr. Bartolo, and comes to serenade her. He pretends to be the poor student "Lindoro" so that she will not be influenced by his rank. He is interrupted by the arrival of Figaro, formerly the Count's servant and now barber in Seville. The two overhear Dr. Bartolo planning to marry his ward. Figaro proposes that the Count dress himself as a soldier (who would have the right to be quartered in Bartolo's house), thus gaining access to his beloved Rosina.


Act II -- Rosina has fallen in love with "Lindoro" and resolves to use all of her skill to outwit Dr. Bartolo. While the Doctor plots with Don Basilio, Rosina's music teacher, she secures the help of Figaro. The Count arrives in his soldier's disguise, only to discover that Dr. Bartolo is exempt from housing the military. The noise from the ensuing confusion attracts the police, and the Count avoids arrest only by secretly revealing his identity to an officer.


Act III -- The Count again tries to obtain a moment with Rosina through disguise. He enters dressed as a music teacher, claiming that Don Basilio is ill and that he, "Don Alonso", has been sent as a replacement. He begins a music lesson with Rosina but Basilio himself arrives. This crisis is resolved but the Doctor soon recognizes "Lindoro" and chases him out. During a storm, the Count and Figaro climb through a window to lead Rosina to freedom. Bartolo nearly foils their escape, but through Figaro's quick thinking the Count and Rosina are united and all are reconciled in time to join in a happy finale.

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