EVE Notes -- Spring, 2018

Otto Moser's

This bar was moved from the original Otto Moser's on E 4th St. to its new Playhouse Square location.

Picture by Bette Lou Higgins; © 2018

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Did you know that when Otto Moser's was on East 4th St. there was a tunnel connecting it to the Euclid Ave. Opera House? Now it's connected to the Playhouse Square theatres by a corridor! Still - easy access for stars and audience alike!

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We're doing a NEW program and book and we need your help!

We're looking for your memories, stories and/or pictures of "Lost Restaurants of Downtown Cleveland" (from Public Square to Playhouse Square) for a new program and book about these historic eateries. EVE Artistic Director, Bette Lou Higgins, is working on a book for Arcadia Press's American Palate series. Along with the book, we will be producing a storytelling program and remembering places like The Silver Grille, Otto Moser's on East 4th St. and at Playhouse Square, the Theatrical, Chef Hector's, Stouffer's - all of these and any of the places that have since become only a memory.

If you remember any of the famous eateries that have disappeared, we'd love to hear from you. We are in need of stories and pictures of the restaurant, its menus, events, people, etc. Pictures can be scanned and e-mailed or you can snail mail them to us if you don't need them back. Stories can also be snail mailed or e-mailed -- you can use this convenient form to mail your stories to us. You'll get credit in the program AND in the book that will be published by Arcadia Press.

Join our new Facebook group for the project where you'll be able to see other people's memories and there'll be a new area on our website to follow along as well. So be sure to check these places regularly for updates as they become available.
Thanks for joining us in this new project! It's sure to make you nostalgic and hungry!

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