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Victoria Woodhull

Drawing by Mary McHale for Eden Valley Enterprises. Copyright 1999

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Many people have been asking, "What's next now that your Grandma Gatewood project is done?" It was a difficult decision - so many stories to choose from! But after much discussion, we have chosen to spotlight Victoria Woodhull as our next Feisty Female.

Don't know who Victoria Woodhull is? Well, here's a short introduction:

Victoria Woodhull (September 23, 1838-June 10, 1927) is truly one of Ohio's most remarkable characters. Coming from a poverty-stricken background and with little education, she managed to become the first woman to publicly address the United States Congress, first woman to run for U.S. president, was an active suffragist, newspaper editor and stockbroker -- she accomplished more than anyone would have expected.

Writer Kelly Boyer Sagert will again be handling our script and Director Peter Huston will be handling the filming duties. Huston calls this "... a great story." and Sagert says that she "... has been fascinated by Victoria Woodhull for decades and is thrilled with the opportunity to delve into Woodhull's rich and complex life."

Right now we are looking for a development person to handle our fundraising activities to get this new project up and running. If you, or someone you know, is interested in this position, please contact us directly.

You can also help by making a tax-deductible donation to help us on our way!

Information about this project will be posted on our website and on Facebook as it becomes available, so be sure to check there often.

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