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What's Happened to 2018?

Well, I guess the year kinda got away from me! In the last newsletter (in APRIL, 2018!?!) I announced that our newest project would focus on 1872 Presidential candidate, Victoria Woodhull and since then we've been busy trying to set this plan in motion. Check out the story on page 2 to find out what that means!

In the meantime, since that last edition of EVE Notes, our year closed with THIRTY ONE programs seen by approximately 1,500 people! Of course, our biggest "seller" continued to be Grandma Gatewood's storytelling program and documentary which had 15 presentations in four states bringing our attendance total since we started telling Emma's story to approximately 7,281 people!

And her story continues to amaze. Just last month we presented TRAIL MAGIC for a joint project by REI/Cleveland and Cleveland Metroparks to a sold out crowd of 250 people! Rachel Nagle from the Park wrote, "The showing of Trail Magic raised $1,520 for the new Outdoor Recreation Fund! In addition, the raffle on Saturday raised $385. We wouldn't have been able to create this fund without the showing of Trail Magic to kick start the fund, and now it has about $2,405 in it!So thankful to have such amazing support in the community!!!"

On April 5, the Mountaineers in Washington state hosted a screening that also sold out — 180 people! Grandma continues to support important outdoor projects!

Other programs last year included CANAL SONGS AND STORIES and BALLADS OF THE INLAND SEAS with Foster Brown and a trip to Mt. Vernon for a special version of STORIES FROM A CHISTMAS PAST with Chris & Mike Petee backing up the stories with Christmas songs.
This year got off to a fast start with NATURE STORIES for the North Ridgeville Senior Center in January. As of April 16, we've already done 12 programs with more in the works.
So we continue to be the "busiest little company" in the area!

Thanks to all of our presenters, donors and audience members who help us to live life in the Past Lane!

— ¡ Bette Lou ! —
Artistic Director

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