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Victoria Woodhull

Drawing by Mary McHale for Eden Valley Enterprises. Copyright 1999

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Campaign Report -- 1872 and 2019

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Victoria Woodhull For President!

Campaign Report

Since our announcement last year that we would document the life of Victoria Woodhull — first woman to speak before Congress (1871) and first woman to run for President (1872), Kelly Boyer Sagert, Bette Lou Higgins and Peter Huston have been busy planning, researching, writing and interviewing.

Kelly and Bette Lou have worked to research and write the storytelling program, VICTORIA WOODHULL: SHATTERING GLASS CEILINGS. Dunamis Theatre in Akron hosted a day-long event on March 30th called "Suffrage Centennial" — a history of the women's movement, theatre, music, and comedy showcasing strong, creative women. Our Victoria Woodhull program was the centerpiece of the event and included Anne McEvoy appearing as Victoria and accepting the presidential nomination followed by the storytelling program.

Managing Director of Dunamis, Nici Romo wrote, "It was a pleasure to host this event. Dunamis Theatre is rooted in community and conversation and I think that this event really spoke to both of those things. It was my goal to obtain as many creative and strong women to participate in the Suffrage Centennial as possible and I know that we accomplished that. I know that I was moved by the performances and as a woman I felt closer to the women that fought for inequality long before I was born. Solidarity feels good and I am lucky to be a part of it."

Our storytelling program is now available for presentations to other groups and it's not too early too think about including it in your celebrations next year for the 100th Anniversary of the Women's Rights Amendment.
In the meantime, we've got some interviews done, Peter is working on editing these for a short documentary to use as a sample to allow us to apply for funding and Kelly is working on the beginnings of a script. We began fundraising which includes a GoFundMe campaign.

As with our Grandma Gatewood project — we know it will be a long, slow process as we raise money and continue filming. If you have any ideas and/or would like to help with fundraising, hosting an event, or in any other way, just let us know. Be sure to check our website regularly for current information.

As Victoria would say, "Onward!".

Did you know that when Victoria ran for president her platform included support for an eight-hour work day, minority representation in Congress, universal suffrage for women, public housing for the poor, a national education system, and the creation of an international body to help prevent war around the world?


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