Happy Birthday, Eden Valley!

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Happy Birthday, Eden Valley

Living life in the Past Lane since 1977.

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It's our birthday and we're happy to say that we've been producing programs for 40 years!

In that time we've worked with some wonderful presenters, board members, organizations, writers, singers, musicians, researchers, technicians, donors, actors, and funders - far too many to name. We've had GREAT audiences and numerous supporters in many areas.

We've done living history programs, one-act plays, musical presentations, wedding and anniversary programs, storytelling shows, first-person character programs, murder mysteries and a documentary. We created a monster (LEM - the Lake Erie Monster) for the Steamship William G. Mather, made a lot of noise (sound effects for the "Grand Tour") at the Western Reserve Historical Society, taken apart a brain for the Cleveland Health Education Center, and populated a mythical canal town for the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. We've told the story of Antony van Leeuwenhoek, Margaret Bourke-White and Emma Gatewood. We've played ball with Alta Weiss and Shoeless Joe Jackson and walked the Appalachian Trail with Emma Gatewood. We've traveled 50 STATES IN 40 MINUTES OR LESS and sung the BALLADS OF THE INLAND SEAS. We heard the songs FROM OHIO TO BROADWAY. We've covered the Civil War and WWII. We've told the story of a young Jewish couple helping to get other Jews to freedom while they were trapped in Nazi-controlled Europe and we've traveled back in time on the Underground Railroad. We've scared ourselves with ghost stories rooted in the past and enjoyed ourselves with Footlight Melodies.

We've been living life in the past lane and we're so happy so many of you have come along for the ride!

Thanks to one and all who've helped make OUR History!

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