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It takes a lot of people to get a company to a 40th Anniversary. Board Member Jo Davis and Production Assistant Shirley Wolfe join me in being with the company since the beginning! Our Board has been made of great people willing to take chances with unusual topics for presentations. We've had presenters who allowed our staff to get CREATIVE including Holly Tomasch and Bill O'Brien who were instrumental in pushing us to create new and unique programs. With special fondness we remember Bob Davis, Michael Higgins and Sandy Hines who continue to watch over our endeavors from above.

But where do we find these stories? Well, usually it starts with a request from a group that wants to have a special event. They'll commission us to research and write a program about whatever topic they're interested in - from famous people, to historic events, to a wedding or a 50th Anniversary celebration. Sometimes one of our audience members tells us about a person or event that they're interested in and sometimes it's just an accident of timing! We've been lucky enough to have talented staff members to work with over the years including Foster & Estelle Brown, Susan Brewer, Tina Crawford, Rosemary Kubera Goodburn, Peter Huston, Rod & Barb Knight, Anne McEvoy, Shelley Pearsall, and Kelly Boyer Sagert along with the great staff members at the various organizations we've partnered with. (If your name's not here - it's not that you've been forgotten only that 40 years of people won't fit in this little space!).

We like to concentrate on the little-known and obscure people and events from our past. Everyone knows about Edison and the Battle of Lexington and Concord, but how many people know about Charles Brush or the Dakota Conflict? (What?! You don't? - watch for the next presentation of WHOSE IDEA WAS THAT? or AMERICAN SPIRITS.) These are the types of stories that Eden Valley likes to tell.

Currently, we're working on a brand new program about the history of the Cleveland Metroparks for their 100th Anniversary. Kelly Boyer Sagert has again worked her magic to bring a fun program about the park's history to the stage. It will open this April and be offered at several Park locations the rest of the year. Watch our calendar for times and places.

We look forward to finding more unique and unusual stories to bring to life over the next 40 years (!). If you would like to make your next event a little "livelier" with a special program to tell YOUR story, just let us know. We'd love to make a little history with you!

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