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Shirley sent Belinda this nice letter AND muffins!

Aren’t you the clever one – setting up this Calorie Free bake sale to ensure that the story of Grandma Gatewood can be shared with the world! Emma was truly an inspirational woman and her journey though life was incredible. Besides raising 11 children, surviving abuse and solo-hiking the AT, how the heck did she manage to find time to bake and quilt? I got tired just listening to the storytelling program!

I am very proud to support the matching funds needed for the Ohio History Fund Challenge Grant so that the documentary can be completed, so I'm sending you some yummy muffins.

Look forward to seeing Trail Magic on Aug. 24th and munching the yummy no-calorie muffins.

PS - Hugs to Mike the Moose
August 7, 2013

Belinda says, "I'm so glad you had the chance to see the storytelling program -- but you're right about getting tired just thinking about all those miles and miles of walking! Thanks for sending the muffins -- I just got a purchaser for them today, so you can bet, I'll keep you busy as my newest staff member.

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