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Trail Magic at TrueNorth

by: Kelly Boyer Sagert
directed by: Rick Fortney
Grandma Emma Gatewood.....Anne McEvoy
Emily Watson.....Kathie Dice
Premier Presentation: Saturday, August 24, 2013

Welcome to Trail Magic!
The set for TRAIL MAGIC.
Kathie Dice as Emily Watson Kathie Dice portrays Emily Watson who tells the story of Grandma Gatewood.
Grandma Gatewood (Anne McEvoy) checks some of her quilt material. Anne McEvoy as Emma Gatewood
Emma Gatewood at the Kitchen Window Emma at the kitchen window.
Emma spots the dreaded "skunks" in her front yard. She referred to photographers as "skunks"! Grandma spots those "skunks" in the front yard
Kathie Dice and Anne McEvoy in Trail Magic Emily listens to Emma talk about her life.
Emily finally gets Granmda to talk about her historic hike along the Appalachian Trail! Emma agrees to talk about her Appalachian Trail  Hike
Emma's kitchen.
Lobby Display
Lobby Display
lobby display 2

Join us on our trail to help tell Emma's story more completely with a PBS documentary with a tax-deductible donation!

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These pictures were taken by Bette Lou Higgins. © Eden Valley Enterprises 2013


Emma Gatewood and sister Ella and father Hugh Emma's tools Emma's clothes Emma's shoe Emma's food supplies food Key to Oregon Teddy Roosevelt plate emma's poem Emma's dress Emma's dress Emma Gatewood hiking items Emma Gatewood's trophies