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In November, 2010, EVE Artistic Director Bette Lou Higgins and FilmAffects Videographer Peter Huston went to interview Emma's daughter Lucy Seeds who shared memories and pictures of her mother.

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Lucy Seeds Lucy Seeds

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Pictures of Emma Emma Gatewood Emma Gatewood
Emma, Mother, Sister Emma Gatewood and sister Ella and father Hugh

Emma is on the left of the photo, 54 yrs; her Mother, Esther Trowbridge Caldwell is in the middle and in the small picture, Emma (14) is on the left and sister Ella Caldwell, (13) is on the right, taken in 1901. The man is Emma's father, Hugh Caldwell. Caldwell fought for the North in the Civil War and was wounded in a leg which he later lost. His claim to fame was standing and looking over the stone fence he and other soldiers were hiding behind and being fired upon to see how close the enemy was. He didn't get shot that time.


Emma's Trophies trophies


Emma's Tools. She used the corn knife clearing the Buckeye "Loop" Trail from Meigs County through Gallia County to Lawrence County, Ohio. The wooden mallet and hatchet are old also. The tools date back to the Brown farm, so must be older than Lucy. They would have come from her husband's tool shop and moved with them to W.Va.


Emma's Certificate of Achievement at plaque Emma's Certificate of Achievement from the Appalachian Trail
Clothes Emma's Clothes
One of Emma's shoes Emma's Shoe
some of emma's food Some of Emma's Food supplies
more food more food
Key to Oregon plus other memorabilia.
Teddy Roosevelt plate that belonged to Emma's grandmother. roosevelt plate
Emma's poem
Emma's dresses Emma's dresses
hiking items Emma's hiking items
Lucy and Gatewood memorabilia Lucy and display Lucy Seeds with Emma Gatewood memorabilia

These pictures were taken by Bette Lou Higgins. © Eden Valley Enterprises 2011


Emma Gatewood and sister Ella and father Hugh Emma's tools Emma's clothes Emma's shoe Emma's food supplies food Key to Oregon Teddy Roosevelt plate emma's poem Emma's dress Emma's dress Emma Gatewood hiking items Emma Gatewood's trophies