WebQuest: The Ohio Bicentennial Museum


This WebQuest will be evaluated accordingly:
  1. Does your web site include pertinent information about William Wells Brown and Lewis Clarke including date and place of birth, date and place of death, location they were living in when they escaped from slavery, description of route to freedom they took, where did they live after escaping and a bibliography of your sources?
  2. Does your web site include information about the Underground Railroad in Ohio such as important cities that were stops on the Railroad, religious groups that were instrumental in helping the runaways, code words the runaways used to help identify friends, important Ohioans involved in helping the slaves get to freedom
  3. Does your performance piece include a full cast list with character descriptions where appropriate, a prop list, suggested stage/set design and any other technical requirements your show will require.
  4. Is your presentation of your web site neat and professional?
  5. Is your performance script presented in a neatly typed document with a bibliography? Was the presentation of the piece done in a professional manner?

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