WebQuest: The Ohio Bicentennial Museum
by: Bette Lou Higgins


Ohio became a state in 1803 and is about to celebrate her 200th Birthday! The Ohio Bicentennial Commission has gathered a group of museum professionals and historians to put together a portable Ohio Bicentennial Museum that will travel around the state during the Bicentennial Year of 2003. The museum will house a small display area for pictures, text and artifacts as well as several Internet-ready computers that will display the "On-line Bicentennial Museum."

This WebQuest will take you back in time to learn about the Underground Railroad, particularly in Ohio. Using what you learn, you will create a web site that will be displayed in the "On-line Bicentennial Museum" and your performance program, along with others being created by the Museum Staff, will be presented at a local theatre or school in each city that the traveling museum visits.

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