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On January 18, 2018, Bette Lou forwarded an e-mail she got from Tony Barrett of the Maine Appalachian Trail Club who sent this wonderful picture of Steve Clark. Tony writes,

"Steve is the last person that I know that saw Grandma Gatewood and is still alive. He and his wife met Emma at the Rt. 27 trailhead while doing maintenance work and took her out for dinner in Stratton, ME (on her 2nd hike I think). Of course, Steve paid."

(As we mention in TRAIL MAGIC -- Emma knew the art of yogi-ing very well!??)

Belinda says, "Thanks for the pictures of Steve, Peter and Amy at the Conference, Tony, and thanks to you and the rest of the club for hosting the ATC Conference last August and including director, Peter Huston, and TRAIL MAGIC at the event."

Steve Clark at ATC Conference
ATC Conference picture
ATC Conference Picture
Pictures from the ATC Conference in August, 2017

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