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Grandma Gatewood's Bakery Mail Bag Belinda's Mail Bag and Comment Box
Belinda not only loves running Grandma Gatewood's Bakery, she loves receiving Mail -- Electronic or Snail! So she plans to share her mail with you!

Here's some of letters from Belinda's Mail Bag:

Vicki Brackins sent an e-mail about Grandma Gatewood's Oatmeal Cookies

Alissa Riccardi sent pictures from her hike on the AT

Tony Barrett sent an e-mail with a pictures from the Appachaian Trail Conference from August, 2017

Gail Hansen (who decided to use her homemade applesauce to make Grandma Gatewood's cookies) wrote to Belinda about her husband's Appalachian Trail hike in 2000.

Ms. Peggy Mattews-Nilson recalls growing up in Cheshire, Ohio where Grandma Gatewood owned a trailer.

After the performance of "Trail Magic" on September 7, 2013, at TrueNorth, Belinda received an e-mail from Kay.

Emma's Great-granddaughter, Marjorie Wood, sent an interesting e-mail about Grandma making donuts.

Shirley sent Belinda some muffins and and a nice note to be come one of Belinda's Bakers!

Patti wrote to Belinda after seeing GRANDMA GATEWOOD: OHIO'S LEGENDARY HIKER.

An unknown customer at Grandma Gatewood's Bakery a nice letter of support.

Belinda got a really nice note from Andy Verhoff of the Ohio History Connection. TRAIL MAGIC could not have been done without their support!

Kelly Boyer Sagert sent a letter about her trip to the Appalachian Trail by Harper's Ferry.

Bette Lou's letters to Belinda:



Belinda Bear's e-mailSend your comments to Belinda and she'll post them!


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