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Belinda not only loves running Grandma Gatewood's Bakery, she loves receiving Mail -- Electronic or Snail! So she plans to share her mail with you!

Here's some of letters from Belinda's Mail Bag:

Gail Hansen (who decided to use her homemade applesauce to make Grandma Gatewood's cookies) wrote to Belinda about her husband's Appalachian Trail hike in 2000.

Ms. Peggy Mattews-Nilson recalls growing up in Cheshire, Ohio where Grandma Gatewood owned a trailer.

After the performance of "Trail Magic" on September 7, 2013, at TrueNorth, Belinda received an e-mail from Kay.

Emma's Great-granddaughter, Marjorie Wood, sent an interesting e-mail about Grandma making donuts.

Shirley sent Belinda some muffins and and a nice note to be come one of Belinda's Bakers!

Patti wrote to Belinda after seeing GRANDMA GATEWOOD: OHIO'S LEGENDARY HIKER.

An unknown customer at Grandma Gatewood's Bakery a nice letter of support.

Belinda got a really nice note from Andy Verhoff of the Ohio History Connection. TRAIL MAGIC could not have been done without their support!

Kelly Boyer Sagert sent a letter about her trip to the Appalachian Trail by Harper's Ferry.

Bette Lou sent Belinda a letter with a view from the bridge in Elyria, one from Maryland near the Appalachian Trail and from The Cleveland Metroparks and the Buckeye Trail. Pictures were recently sent from a visit to Mt. Baldy in Indiana. What ... Hiking with Frogs!? Seems to be true... A beautiful October hike at the Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens of Florida



Belinda Bear's e-mailSend your comments to Belinda and she'll post them!


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