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I was so happy to get this note from Kelly Boyer Sagert -- the writer of EMMA GATEWOOD, ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR BLOOMIN' MIND! (and the rest of the Grandma Gatewood saga!)

Dear Belinda,

About 15 years ago, we were visiting Harper’s Ferry and our two young sons – Ryan and Adam. My husband and I started out climbing, too, just to keep our boys in sight, but as they kept climbing, so did we – and we ended up at Jefferson’s Rock. This is really a mass of shale rock that overlooks where the Potomac River meets the Shenandoah River and it truly is breathtaking.

It took all the energy I had, though, to climb up to this rock and then back down again. So, I’m even more in awe of Emma
and her accomplishments having made that one climb myself!

I'll stop in the Bakery soon, in the meantime -- happy hiking and best to Mike The Moose.



Belinda says "Hey, Kelly! Did you see the post on the Grandma Gatewood page(https://www.facebook.com/grandmagatewood/) of the same location!

I found this other picture of the area at the Library of Congress. It's called "Harper's Ferry by moonlight" by G. Perkins ; R. Hinshelwood and I love it!"


"Harper's Ferry by moonlight" by G. Perkins ; R. Hinshelwood

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