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Grandma Gatewood: Ohio's Legendary Hiker: Meet Emma Gatewood who was the first woman to solo thu-hike the Appalachian Trail -- and she did it in 1955 when she was 67 years old and had already raised 11 children! Find out what they're saying about this program. Companion book available. (Read an excerpt from our storytelling program about Emma.) This program is also available as a one-act play called "Emma Gatewood: Are You Out Of Your Bloomin' Mind?! (An Appalachian Tale)".

GREAT Lakes Ladies: Meet some special ladies — Abigail Becker, who rescued more than four sailors off the treacherous Long Point Shoals of Lake Erie; Maebelle Mason, who saved a man from drowning by the Mamajuda Light in the Detroit River when she was fourteen years old; and Harriet Colfax, who “manned” the Michigan City Light for more than 40 years — to name a few! Companion book available.

Lady of the Lake:
Travel back to the 1890s when steamships crossed the Great Lakes carrying passengers and cargo. Hear some of the exciting tales from the Lakes when you meet Sarah Comstock -- wife of Captain Michael Comstock. Mrs. Comstock will tell you about a daring rescue made by a brave 14 year old girl, the terrible storm that sunk the ship Amelia, and the only Captain to ever race the land and win! These are just some of the exciting stories from the Great Lakes that Mrs. Grey will share with you.
Companion book available.

Letters In The Margins:
Meet a young Jewish couple as the bride recounts their adventures with the Resistance Movement of W.W.II to her mother.

Clarissa Marks and Phoebe Farr:
Western Reserve Pioneers from the 1800’s.

Meet Margaret Bourke-White:
photographer Margaret Bourke-White remembers W.W. II. (available as both a first-person character program and a storytelling program).

Meet Victoria Woodhull:
persistent presidential candidate from Homer, Ohio was the first woman to run for the highest office in the United States -- at a time when she couldn't event vote for herself! Suffragist, Spiritualist, Free Love Advocate, Newspaper Woman, Stockbrocker -- what DIDN'T Victoria do?

You Can't Play Ball In A Skirt!: Alta Weiss put herself through medical school playing professional baseball on a mens team in the early 1900s! Companion book available. This program is available as both a first-person character program and a storytelling program. **EVE is looking for information about any Ohio women who played baseball during WW II. Do YOU have any information for us? Read an article about Alta and "The Women From Ragersville" For more information about Baseball history in the Cleveland Area, be sure to visit the Baseball Heritage Museum. See pictures from our program at the Museum on March 24, 2018.

What's Her Story? you can't ignore women like Osa Johnson who saved her husband from a charging elephant or Victoria Woodhull who tried to bring a soft touch to the White House. Read an article about Victoria Woodhull

For more information on Women's History, see The National Women's History Project .

For information about Today's Women and THEIR stories, see Ladies Who Launch

Wise Words from a Woman: The idea of strictly minding or own business is moldy rubbish. Who could be so selfish? -- Myrtie Barker, American Columnist



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