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Favorite Program Memories from our Audience for our 40th Birthday!

apple leaf Rod wrote: By far, the most exciting EVE program I have knowledge of was “Legends of the Lakes”. It was aboard the William G Mather Steamship Museum off of the 9th Street Pier. Each October for several years six new stories, some fanciful some factual, were portrayed at strategic locations on the Mather. Small groups were led from story to story throughout the evening. Use of the Mather rooms and decks as sets was magical, enhanced by carefully designed props and high tech special features. The blending of EVE and Mather crews to pull this off was an unannounced benefit. The sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald, emergence of the Lake Erie Monster from the depths of the Lake, and unexplained happenings at the Johnson Island Cemetery for Confederate Officers were just tip of the iceberg for this creative and enduring program!

Apple Leaf Rosemary and Tracy said, Our favorite story from Eden Valley is the Grandma Gatewood story. We not only loved the Story Telling (sic) version of Grandma Gatewood but the documentary was outstanding. We had never heard of her nor of her accomplishments before this program. It was incredibly interesting and well presented in both forms. To hear her story and see what she accomplished at her age can give us all hope that one can do anything at ANY age! And to know that she was from Ohio, made us proud too! We would highly recommend either of these programs to anyone and everyone!

In fact, all of the programs that Eden Valley has done and will continue to do make history come ALIVE in a great way! This is how history should be taught in schools!

Thanks for educating us in a fun way!

Apple Leaf Tina said, I was able to see the program "You Can't Play Ball In A Skirt" recently. It was a meaningful way to celebrate women's month. A great example of the challenges encountered by women in the 1920's . Everything Alta Weiss had a talent and passion for was a hurdle in her life. By golly, she was determined to master all the skills she had and as a result left her mark in history. She had the ability to be a doctor and be a pitcher and show men what a women could do. Her reputation help[ed] encourage young women to not be afraid of their skills. It was a fun informative program.

Apple Leaf Doris e-mailed that her favorite program was "By far Grandma Gatewood such an awesome story about a woman who overcame so much and succeeded in her trek. I have to say that every program I've been to has been very enlightening and entertaining. You are filled with so much knowledge, Bette Lou, and it is a wonderful gift that you have and are willing to share!! Thank you!!"

Apple Leaf Patti voted for the stories from the Underground Railroad. She wrote, "I want to submit my favorite Eden Valley Program. It was hard to choose because I've heard several and they are all very well done by Bette Lou Higgins. It is "Next Stop Freedom!" It tells the courage of both the salves and the people helping them to obtain their freedom right here in Ohio. From the people helping the salves cross the Ohio River to the boat captains and their crews getting the salves to Canada it is a very enlightening story. I would gladly listen to it again and again to appreciate the bravery and courage of all involved in the Underground Railroad. Very eye opening and very courageous!"

Do you have a favorite EVE program? Tell us why you like it and we'll post it!




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