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Victoria Woodhull

Trail Magic Staff

Our Grandma Gatewood Project has been supported by a wonderful group of people. The project includes a storytelling program with companion e-book and DVD and a one-act play and PBS documentary called "Trail Magic"

We proudly salute our Grandma Gatewood Project Staff
(In Alphabetical Order By Group)

Eden Valley Enterprises

Kelly Boyer Sagert, Researcher/Writer

Kathie Dice, Actress/Presenter

Bette Lou Higgins, Producer/Researcher/Writer

Michael Higgins, Technical Director

Rod Knight, Website Assistant

Judy MacKeigan, Actress

Anne McEvoy, Actress/Presenter

Sydney Palermo, Social Media/Marketing Intern

Andrea Ranta, Development Director

Tracy Rue, Assistant to the Producer

Alisa Riccardi, Presenter

Holly Tomasch, Development Consultant

Betty Zak, Presenter


Peggy Foley, Senior Editor

Peter Huston, Director

Bruce Lundgreen, Director of Photography

Tom Whaley, Videographer

Kaleb Grine, Assistant Editor (Intern)

And All of our Donors and Supporters



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