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Victoria Woodhull

Trail Magic 2013

On August 24, 2013 we premiered a one -act play about Emma as part of weekend festival called "Trail Magic" dedicated to Grandma Gatewood at TrueNorth Cultural Arts. The weekend events included a nature poetry workshop and reading with author Kelly Boyer Sagert (who wrote the play), special hikes, a Buckeye Trail display and a discussion group on Mental Health and Self-Esteem (and the effects of domestic abuse) led by Natalie McCarthy, MSW, LSW.

Do you have a Trail Magic Story to share? We're looking for some to possibly use in our documentary and/or in other print related materials. If you have one to share please send it to us!

If you are interested in presenting "Trail Magic" for your group or are a theatre that would like to put on your own production of this play, let us know!

This play, "Trail Magic" has since been retitled and is know known as "Emma Gatewood, Are You Out Of Your Bloomin' Mind? (An Appalachian Tale)"

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