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Victoria Woodhull

Victoria Woodhull: Shattering Glass Ceilings

The first woman to run for the presidency of the United States is coming to the screen in late 2024!

This project was put together by the award winning team that told the story of historic hiker, "Grandma" Emma Gatewood. EVE staff Bette Lou Higgins and Kelly Boyer Sagert joined Peter Huston of FilmAffects to tell Victoria's story with a storytelling program, companion book and a documentary. The book and storytelling program were completed in 2019 and now the film is being completed for a premier in the fall of 2024.

Enjoy highlights from some of the historians who helped us tell this sensational story.

*In 1871 Victoria became the first woman to address a Congressional Committee. Professor Stephen R. Taaffe, Austin State University, gives us some background on what was happening before she spoke to the members. Victoria Woodhull: A Voice Amplified For Women's Right To Vote

*Dr. Judith Dann, Columbus State Community College, talks about Victoria's argument that women already had the right to vote because of the 15th Amendment. Victoria Woodhull: Challenging Conventions, Defending Equality

*Dr. Phyllis Thompson, Harvard University, talks about Victoria's decition to run for president. Victoria Woodhull: A Very Radical Attempt

*Hannah Brevoort of the Ohio History Connection tells us about Victoria's thoughts on making the world a better place. Victoria Woodhull: Authenticity Makes A Better World

*Dr. Linda Schlossberg, Harvard University, sums up Victoria's career. Victoria Woodhull: Shattering Norms And Shocking The Status Quo





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