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Victoria Woodhull

as told by Bette Lou Higgins, Artistic Director


But these breaks with Ohio History at the Health Museum were not permanent breaks with our “roots”. In 1985, we re-created the Medicine Man scenario for the Canal Society Of Ohio back where we began -- at the Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area for their 10th Anniversary. In 1991, we travelled to the Western Reserve Historical Society for a performance there which ended in their beautiful garden. In both of these presentations our Medicine Man was Rod Knight, our schill was Barb Knight and our “Drunken Corpse”, Michael O’Reilly was Michael Higgins.

The Historical Society program was memorable for another favorite story. As Michael O’Reilly wandered through the museum with his whisky jug and “love apple”, telling everyone his tale of woe and threatening to kill himself with the deadly tomato, one of the audience women reported to the security guard that there was a drunk wandering the halls and threatening to commit suicide! He had to explain to her that it was part of the show.

1985: For the Ohio Canal Society
The Medicine Man Gathers the crowd
nothing to live for
Gathering The Crowd
Michael O'Reilley tells his tale of woe... "There's nothing to life for!"
The Schill
The Spiel
The Schill looks on
The Medicine Man gives his spiel -- he can cure anything!
Don't do it!
I'm saved!
The Medine Man begs Michael not to kill himself!
The Drunken Corpse is brought back to life!
1991: For the Western Reserve Historical Society
The Spiel
The bite
The corpse
All's Well That End's Well!


To be continued ...

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